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Venture Management

Within the Venture Management division we identify and refine potential research-based innovations into ventures and companies, as well as building and managing a portfolio of innovative growth businesses through active ownership.


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Technical Services

Within the Technical Services division we provide a range of differentiated niche technical services. The service offering is continuously evolving to include new areas of expertise aimed at various industry sectors.


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Corporate Services

Within the Corporate Services division we offer clients a range of niche consulting services and management consulting services, relating to innovations and innovation processes.


About Serendipity Innovations


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Serendipity Innovations is a technology house with specialist competence in innovation processes and niche technical services.

Since its inception in 2004, Serendipity has founded and managed more than 15 technology companies within clean tech, life sciences, materials engineering, IT and medical technology as well as managed a large number of advanced projects for external clients and partners.

Our aim is to strengthen our position as a leading innovation generator and to continue to be a model organization for the conversion of technical knowledge into marketable solutions for industry leaders.

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Innovation Management
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Our Philosophy

Innovations That Make a Difference


Working with innovation processes and building companies requires the ability to anticipate what type of products and services are going to solve societal challenges five or ten years down the road. We do not claim that we can predict the future, but with a proven methodology and a strong corporate culture we make sure to be involved and develop some of the innovations that will make a real difference for society and industry.

Opportunity-driven rationale


Solving grand challenges requires a rational, opportunity-driven approach. A solid track record and close connections to places where knowledge is generated helps researchers and companies approach Serendipity Innovations with the research they wish to commercialize or the problems that they need solved. Projects are evaluated based on the strength of their impact, niche, differentiation, scalability and margins.